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Jessica Greenland

Head Coach & CFRD Founder

Jess was first introduced to CrossFit in 2011 while living in London, and immediately fell in love with it after deadlifting her own bodyweight… a feat she never thought possible!

After 3 years of training, Jess coached as an intern CrossFit Central London where she went on to complete her CrossFit Level 1 certification.

In late 2015, Jess had the opportunity to move home to New Zealand to open her own CrossFit box in West Auckland, and jumped at the chance to share her love of functional fitness, so CrossFit Red Dragon was born!

Jess has a special passion for Olympic Weightlifting as both a coach and athlete, holding a British Weightlifting Level 1 coaching certification, regularly competing, and having represented New Zealand on the platform at international Masters competitions.

Jess also holds a Strength Education Strength & Power Level 1 certificate and has completed levels 1 and 2 of the Functional Strength Olympic weightlifting courses.

Head Coach Jess Greenland
Misty Lee

Misty Lee

CrossFit Coach

Misty started CrossFit when CrossFit Red Dragon opened in her local area. She immediately, and unexpectedly, fell in love with it.

Misty’s passion for CrossFit soon extended to coaching. She subsequently completed a coaching internship and obtained her CrossFit L1 coaching certificate.

Misty’s background includes 12 years as a Police Officer, multiple sports and training environments, a BHSc in Psychology and Mental Health and, most importantly, being a mother of two young children.

Misty found that CrossFit had a way of bringing together multiple areas of interest for her in a format that she believes truly has the capacity to change lives. For this reason Misty is 100% passionate about finding ways to connect with and help every person who walks through CrossFit Red Dragons doors on their own CrossFit journey.

Taryn Davis

CrossFit Coach

Taryn Davis started crossfit in 2016 with the Crossfit Red Dragon family. Having always participated in team sports throughout her life, she quickly realised that crossfit was another level of fitness and strength that she was missing! She fell in love with the supportive family environment and endless variety, and particularly enjoys olympic weightlifting. After training throughout her second pregnancy, Taryn completed her internship and became a Crossfit coach.

Taryn holds a Bachelor of Health Science, Physiotherapy, and is currently studying to complete her Post Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation. She has worked for the last ten years in older adult health for Waitemata District Health Board. She is extremely passionate about building strength, fitness and improving functional activities in
the older adult population, and this led her to create our Silver Dragons Crossfit class for over 60 year olds.

Taryn’s background also leads her to particular interest in anatomy, biomechanics and the ‘technical’ side of movement and exercise, and she is excited to continue to further her knowledge and qualifications in crossfit.

Taryn Davis
Danny Evans

Danny Evans

Certified Pilates Mat and Reformer Instructor

“When I first started Pilates, I was draw in by the mind and body benefits that it gave me, but after a while also noticed the flow on effects to the rest of my life. It helped me get better at lifting weights, my kids and myself out of bed in the morning. I had also been plagued by an achy lower back my whole adult life and more recently a bad shoulder, since I started Pilates, I barely notice either of those problems anymore, my life has just become better because of Pilates.

I decided that I wanted everyone else to gets the benefits that Pilates had and to this day still offers me. So, I went and got qualified as a Mat and Reformer instructor through Studio Pilates International in Australia.

I decided to start teaching at a CrossFit box as I think that Pilates is an awesome compliment to CrossFit and It has helped me personally get faster gains and work much more safely through the mind body connection Pilates offers. In that light I thought what better way to get better at teaching Pilates to Cross Fitters than learning how to coach CrossFit, which I have been doing for the past few months.

All in all Pilates changed my life, and I want to help it change as many others lives as I can.”

Kilo the Staffy

Gym puppy and CFRD Mascot

Born in New Zealand on 30 June 2018, Kilo is a British Staffordshire Terrier (staffy).

Unlike his mum, coach Jess, he loves running and jumping. Unfortunately his lack of opposable thumbs mean that gymnastics is not really his forte. His speciality CrossFit movements include chasing wall balls and chewing on things he’s not allowed to!

His other hobbies include sleeping on the job and getting pats from our members.

Kilo the Staffy