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Why learn Olympic Weightlifting? All of us in our daily lives are exposed to lifting objects from toddlers to moving furniture, and at CFRD we believe that everyone should learn the correct lifting techniques and develop the necessary strength to do this safely.

In our Olympic Weightlifting classes, lifting techniques and movement patterns are reinforced in a safe and controlled environment.

What will I learn?

The programming which we will be following at CFRD is aligned to that of London Olympic Weighlifting Academy (LOWA) and will cover the following principles

  • Lifting Drills to ensure that we are comfortable and familiar with the key moves
  • Strength building while maintaining structural & muscular balance, reducing injury and flexibility issues
  • Conditioning ensuring an excellent level of fitness and helping improve trainability
  • Skills are learned to be performed under load, building confidence & explosive strength
  • Proportionality is a key part of the system this helps achieve a balance between all of the skills, and strength and conditioning needed to progress in the sport. This helps you work quickly towards your goals & targets, especially for the snatch & clean & jerk.

Why choose West Auckland Barbell Club?

CFRD Founder, Jess Greenland, is a British Weightlifting Level 1 coach and regular competitive masters weightlifter. She will be offering weightlifting sessions 3 days per week. This program is perfect for those new to the sport as the program is completely scalable to any level. The program also caters to the advanced lifter, giving them a clear & focused direction to continue to make progresssion within the sport.

LOWA is run by Mike Causer, who has 20 years experience in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, with 10 years competing for Great Britain and England. Mike won over 10 national titles and broke several national records during his competitive years and is now a passionate coach who just took two of his lifters to the English Championships. Mike will be remotely providing the weekly structured programming, delivering a top quality weightlifting programme at CrossFit Red Dragon. This program is designed to give you the very best start to Olympic Weightlifting and set a platform that will allow you to excel at the lifts and achieve things that you never thought possible.

*The minimum movement requirement to join is that you are able to perform an overhead squat.

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