Getting Started

Your First Class is FREE!

At CFRD joining and becoming part of the family couldn’t be easier. Contact us for a free trial, and we will match you up with a class to your current levels, whether you’re a complete beginner or have done CrossFit before.

New to CrossFit? Start with our Elements Beginner Training

To get you safely started on your CrossFit journey this training includes access to our ‘Elements’ beginner level classes. These classes offer personalised instruction and introduces the core movements of CrossFit.  Weightlifting and gymnastics techniques and movement patterns are reinforced in a safe and controlled environment.

These are small and closely coached classes where you will progress with others at your level, reinforcing the techniques and increasing fitness levels with individual coaching and careful programming.

You will progress through beginner level until you are ready to move across to our ‘workout of the day’ classes –  timing will depend on individual progress but we estimate 1-2 months of elements training.

Please check our class schedule to see the current time of our elements classes.  Beginners can also access our ‘all levels’ classes where beginners and more advanced crossfitters tackle the same workouts – don’t worry though closer supervision and coaching will be given to the beginners in the group.

Experienced CrossFitters

If you’re a CrossFitter who has attended a CrossFit foundations or ‘On-Ramp’ course at a previous Box and you have at least one months CrossFit experience, you can jump into our WODs.

Please contact us with a brief description of your CrossFit history.

Beginner CrossFit Foundations Course

To get you kickstarted on your CrossFit journey you can complete an accelerated PT training course (prior to attending regular CrossFit classes).  The Foundations course offers personalised instruction and introduces the core movements of Crossfit. The course runs over two separate 2hrs sessions at your convenience, over 2x 3 hour sessions. Weightlifting techniques and movement patterns are reinforced in a safe and controlled environment. This provides a seamless transition for you to progress into our group classes once you’ve completed the course. The majority of the course covers The Squat Series – air squat, front and back squats, and overhead, The Push Series – shoulder press, push press and push jerk, The Pulling Series – deadlift, sumo deadlift high pull and medicine ball clean, and auxilary gymnastic movements.

CrossFit Foundations (day 1)

Session 1 covers the basic principles and techniques of the weightlifting movements involved within CrossFit, namely deadlift, press, jerk, whilst also visiting handstand technique and a team WOD.

Session 1 (3hr session)

CrossFit Foundations (day 2)

Session 2 covers the squats series – Air squat, back squat, front squat, overhead squat, whilst also looking at pull ups & ring dips (with scaling), an individual WOD, finishing with mobility & stretching techniques.

Session 2 (3hr session)