CrossFit Red Dragon FAQs

Is CrossFit for me?

We get a lot of questions from people who have just had a baby, have had an injury in the past or are just feeling like their fitness level is not that great currently. Just come along and get started! Our friendly and knowledgeable coaches can scale each workout to any ability, and our community of members will make you feel really welcome as well.

Why should I choose CrossFit Red Dragon over a regular gym?

2 main reasons: The coaching and the community!

Every days’ workout is different at CrossFit. Our coaches will guide you through each session and tailor the movements and intensity just for you, like a group personal training session. You’ll never get bored like you might following the same old programme every day.

Our sessions are all run in a group and our members create a friendly & welcoming atmosphere. Everyone is having fun and pushing themselves together, cheering each other on and there’s always a high 5 at the end from the rest of the class. We have regular fun events and parties too so people are making new friends while at the gym too!

Some CrossFit movements look intense, how will I do a workout?

A large part of CrossFit’s success is that every exercise or movement is scaleable. This means that you can work up to the required movements at your own pace.

You can also start your journey with our CrossFit Elements classes that are focused less on technical aspects of lifting, and will prepare you in terms of introducing you to higher intensity interval style training.

How do I get started at CrossFit Red Dragon?

We offer a trial class free of charge, just contact us and we will be happy to book you into any session that suits you. Don’t worry if you have never done CrossFit before, our coach will work with you to ensure that you know what you are doing and it is scaled to your ability.

If you are keen and want to join up after that, if you’ve never done CrossFit before then you’ll need to go through our CrossFit Elements beginner classes. These run regularly and are designed to teach you the fundamental movements of CrossFit so you learn the technique thoroughly and safely. We start with plastic sticks and then move through adding weight as you get more confident and are moving well. Skills covered are deadlift, squat varieties, overhead press, and the gymnastic movements on the rings, bars and handstands.

What are your different class types?

Workout of the Day: This is our main class type and will run several times a day. It is based around the CrossFit principle of ‘constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity’. Every day’s workout is different and is coached in a group session. Classes can be scaled to your own level.

CrossFit Elements: A less intense version of the Workout of the Day class, with less focus on barbell work, and more on bodyweight movements and core strength.

Olympic Weightlifting: A barbell class focused around the 2 movements in the Olympic Weightlifting sporting discipline, Snatch & Clean & Jerk. You don’t need to be highly experienced in this field to give this a try but should be familiar with the barbell squat movements prior to enrolling.

Gymnastics: A skill class based around gymnastic movements such as pull-ups, handstands, ring work, muscle-up and bodyweight skills and strength

Team WOD: A workout of the day class but which is always done in teams of 2+ people – a great opportunity to work together to get the job done and always a lot of fun!

Do you sell CrossFit accessory equipment?

To enquire about purchasing products, please contact us.

Have another question about joining CrossFit Red Dragon or West Auckland Barbell Club? Contact us!