About CrossFit Red Dragon

In starting CrossFit Red Dragon, Founder and Head Coach Jessica Greenland wanted to give people functional fitness skills that will carry over into all areas of their lives:

  • Parents to be stronger and fitter to play with their kids;
  • Sports people to become better at their chosen disciplines through varied and fun training;
  • Office workers to become more productive by introducing time away from their desks;
  • Emergency first responders to be better at their jobs by being stronger, fitter;
  • as well as reducing stress through exercise and community.

CrossFit is for everyone!

We welcome people of all backgrounds and ages, and offer classes suitable for all fitness levels, including CrossFit Elements for beginners, Mini Dragons for kids, Silver Dragons for 60+, right through to speciality fitness and advanced weightlifting training.

Our community is our passion, and we strive to create a fun and supportive environment for our members, guided by our expert coaches who are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

What people are saying about CrossFit Red Dragon

“I always wanted to give CrossFit a go and Red Dragon is the best place to start off. The coaches are awesome and very supportive and the members make you feel like you’re part of a family. It doesn’t matter how old or what level of fitness you are at, everyone is supported just the same.”


“This place is amazing, beautiful people, Super duper Coaches, Came here 11 month ago and I have achieved so much such as, lost weight, body trimmed, becoming more fit, feeling good, learning news skills technique, everyday is exciting and challenging WOD most important is just amazing atmosphere, feels like I am working out with very friendly, family orientated , supportive, beautiful, crazy, very focus human beings…just love this place…come and join us…”


“As someone that was active but now has lasting injuries I can’t tell you how awesome CFRD has been for me as I thought I’d never be able to do that type of activity again. With the level and knowledge the instructors have any workout can be scaled to each individuals needs and have crazy fun doing it. Everyone at the box is there to better themselves as individuals but we all help each other just like a team does and it’s awesome.”


“I thought I’d give CrossFit a go as something to break up my normal routine. I figured one or two sessions a week would be ideal. Now I train almost every day and wouldn’t want to do it anywhere else. There’s a huge supportive group with wide range of skill and fitness levels. There’s definitely something for everyone here!”


“I did the CRFD 6 week challenge and thoroughly enjoyed this. CrossFit challenged me and gave a great variety of techniques, which pushed me beyond what I thought I could achieve. I lost weight, toned up and gained confidence. The coaches are fantastic, constantly encouraging you and making you feel empowered. Lovely people and a warm and inviting place to go, I will be back!”


Great people – encouraging instructors! Enjoyed every class so far and learning so much about technique and new skills. Just completed 10 classes now. Lots of fun – really helping with strength and endurance. I was really scared initially for injury but over time have developed more confidence that I can push myself again and feel safe that I won’t re-injure myself. The instructors are excellent at picking up on poor technique – it’s a really supportive and encouraging atmosphere.


“I’ve definitely noticed a decrease in pain levels from my back and hip. I have gone from being on daily pain killers plus anti-inflammatory medication, to only the occasional (dose), usually after tennis! My mobility, fitness & strength have all improved over the last 9 weeks, and I feel I gained the most benefit from taking 2 classes per week, rather than the one weekly class I initially started out on.”

Heather  (Silver Dragons)

Crossfit in West Auckland